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At Village Animal Hospital, our first priority is your pet and the quality medical care the patient receives from our team of doctors and staff. We also value and want to be sure we are giving you, the client, excellent customer care. Your feedback is important to us because it allows us to know what you need and are expecting from us. We love open communication between our clients and us, and if you ever need to give us feedback, we request that you fill out our feedback form below. Thank you in advance for allowing us the opportunity to care for your precious pet, and for taking the time to write down what you need to share with us. We take it seriously.

Rating and feedback sites affect our business, so we want to inform you of the best ways to rate us or any other veterinary facility. So much goes into providing services to the pet owning population and a fair and educated review is essential to your relationship with the veterinarian. Bad reviews are harmful and typically stem from poor communication. You should review the veterinary clinic based on the following factors:

1. Quality Medicine 
2. Availability of the facility
3. State of the art equipment
4. A small business feel (know you) homey
5. No rubber stamp medicine (individual care)
6. Level of clear communication from staff and doctors
7. Cleanliness of facility
8. Resolution of health concerns of your pets
9. Straight forward about your pets needs

Cost is not one. The main reason is that there are plenty of hospitals that provide low cost services. If cost is an issue, then select the clinic appropriate to your affordability. Ask for a complete estimate before going any further, once your pet is examined.

Many hospitals support different niches. If you want a low price clinic, it is usually a high volume facility and typically there is a trade off in individualized care. Clients have reported being " lost in the shuffle" in such clinics. And their cost of doing business is lower.

If you want high quality: the prices are usually higher since their costs of doing business is also higher. They have staff that make living wages and health benefits to support their families and in turn are reliable, equipment that is modern to diagnose your pet appropriately, well trained and experienced doctors that understand you and your pets needs with the capacity to treat your pet based on or above the state board standard.