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23379 Golden Springs Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
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23379 Golden Springs Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Fax: (909) 861-6549
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At Village Animal Hospital in Diamond Bar, California, we offer high-quality pet dentistry services and surgeries to ensure your pet's lasting health and comfort. Diagnostic and therapeutic services are also offered by our animal hospital to meet your every need.

Our team of doctors perform a variety of dental procedures. For nearly 30 years, Dr. Earnheart has been offering quality pet dental care, with updated equipment and trained technical staff to offer professional quality dental and surgical care. We offer basic and routine dental cleanings along with advanced dental procedures, such as root canals and more. Along with dentistry, our doctors perform mass and growth removals and many other surgical procedures, and give you the highest quality care for you and your pet. Call us for more details and information.
Animal Dental Procedures & Surgeries Include:
• Dental Cleaning
• Periodontal Disease
• Tooth Extraction
• Feline Stomatitis
• Root Canals & Cavities
• Digital Dental X-ray