Pet Bloodwork

Blood tests can provide our veterinarian with a wealth of information, allowing us to provide your pet with the most effective care possible. At Village Animal Hospital in Diamond Bar, CA, we do all pet bloodwork in-house. There’s no driving your pet around to different facilities or waiting for an outside lab to return critical results.

Pet bloodwork can often identify problems before they manifest themselves in your pet’s appearance or behavior. As with human health, early detection means easier treatment and less potential discomfort or long-term harm. Because our pets cannot articulate when they are feeling discomfort, it’s important to use every non-invasive tool at our disposal to identify and address any issues your pet is suffering from.

What Can Pet Bloodwork Detect?

A high white blood cell count tells our veterinarian to look for an infection. Abnormally low white cell counts suggest a weakened immune system. This can often be addressed with an improved diet, stress reduction techniques, and exercise.

A high red cell count may indicate dehydration, while a low count may indicate anemia. Both are quite treatable, but potentially severe if left undetected. Pet bloodwork also allows our vet to detect less-common conditions like polycythemia, which can lead to blood clots, and early-stage cancer.

Our veterinarian can use blood tests to examine your pet’s electrolyte levels. Electrolytes are the essential minerals vital to numerous internal functions and your pet’s overall health. We can often detect problems with your pet’s liver, pancreas, kidneys, or thyroid gland early enough to treat effectively and keep them as healthy and happy as possible.

These are only a few of the most common ailments modern pet bloodwork can help identify. Combined with observations of your pet’s moods, appearance, and behavior, and our years of collective experiences and expertise, our veterinarian can diagnose and address most conditions quickly.

Veterinarian in Diamond Bar, CA

At Village Animal Hospital, we have years of experience providing residents of Diamond Bar, CA, and the surrounding areas with reliable veterinary care. Our in-house laboratory allows us to process blood work quickly for fast and accurate treatment. For more information on the conditions detected through pet bloodwork or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us at (909) 861-7463.