If you are looking for compassionate and quality veterinarian services near Diamond Bar, CA, Village Animal Hospital is ready to assist you. Our full-service animal hospital offers services ranging from medical checkups to animal surgery. We also offer emergency care. More than anything, we offer pets the love and care they need to feel comfortable at our facility. One of the services we offer at our animal hospital is kitten care. 

Kitten Care Services 

Kittens need frequent care. Early on in your kitten’s life, regular visits to the veterinarian are essential. In the early stages of life, one of the most important steps is to get your kitten vaccinated on schedule. Our veterinarian will work with you to create a vaccination schedule consisting of required core vaccines and optional non-core vaccines tailored to your kitten’s living environment and lifestyle. For vaccinations to be effective, your kitten will need a series of injections, so it important you follow the schedule provided to you. If your pet requires specialized vaccinations, we can also assist with that. 

Apart from vaccinations, your kitten will also need worm and parasite preventive care. Worms and parasites can be common in kittens as they have not yet learned how to keep themselves clean. We may perform tests to check for gastrointestinal parasites. We can also provide your kitten with flea and tick treatment. 

Depending on the lifestyle and breed of your kitten, you might also want to consider spaying or neutering services. Kittens are typically spayed or neutered before they are six months of age. Fixing your pet not only assures you will avoid unwanted litters but also provides several health benefits, including behavioral improvements and immunity from certain kinds of cancer. One of our goals is to educate pet owners on providing their pets with the highest possible quality of life. Our veterinarian will walk you through home kitten care. 

Veterinarian in Diamond Bar, CA

At Village Animal Hospital, we have years of experience providing residents of Diamond Bar, CA, with reliable kitten care. We will assess the health of your kitten and recommend the optimal combination of services to keep your new pet in the best possible health. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (909) 861-7463.